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August 31, 2015, No comments

According to a study published on the Financial Express Website (Click for original source) certain common drugs prescribed for those suffering from male pattern hair loss and benign prostate enlargement …


Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

October 22, 2014, No comments

We’ve recently come across a great article by Giovanna Fletcher from Hello Magazine where she tells her story about Post Pregnancy Hair Loss sca ...


Hair Extensions being used for more than 3000 Years Ago

October 7, 2014, No comments

An Egyptian skull from about 3300 years ago has been found with Hair Extensions The woman was not mummified as usual, but wrapped in a mat. They found ...

Hair Loss Carlatan

More Hair Loss Victims in Australia

May 8, 2014, No comments

Following up on our previous story Hair Extension Horror as seen on Current Affair where Current Affair found victims of “dodgy” hair exte ...

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    Hair Extension Horror as seen on Current Affair
    July 15, 2013, No comments

    Recently Chanel 9′s Current Affair showed a story on ‘Hair Extensions’. Unfortunately it wasn’t the most delightful of stories, it was more so focused on unpleasant experiences some women have had. If ...

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