About West End Hair

We have been established since 1996.

We are the Leading Specialists in all the best and safest methods of hair extensions and hair loss solutions. We are trusted for ethical origin honest human hair.

Sourced and selected for texture and quality from Russia, South America, India (temple hair) and Asia.

West End Hair staff are highly trained in color techniques and color customizing, matching compatible textures, density and weight fall. Ever up dating in advanced cutting styling and makeovers.

West End Hair is sorted after by models, actors, television and radio personalities. With that being said:


Olga’s Story

My back ground which lead me to creativity enabling me to be inventive and ethical.
Thinking outside the box with unique designs, quality, affordability and service.

I thank my very wise, adaptable, independent big hearted mother for that. Single mother (no less) With 2 children named after her favourite opera. She loved music and could play piano by ear. At 42 she gave birth to me. 3 years before that my very smart loving sister Tanya. Mum was always before her time in many ways. Very intuitive a character. At times child like, but wise way beyond just smarts. A Scottish wit and warm smile. The youngest of 6 sisters and 2 brothers 1 younger. Stories she told were priceless. The sisters were dressmakers. They made clothes beautifully, with the best materials which flattered the curves of the body. Each stitch and hem perfection. The choice of materials to compliment the design of the dress.

Colour, pattern and weight-fall. Flattering lines skimming body shapes of all shapes and sizes. Each garment moved and flowed naturally.

This is what I do with Hair especially top volumizers or toppers used to volumize the top area of the head of hair. Exactly the same considerations. Back to my Mum. She loved to stock up on beautiful materials. Quality amazing fabric! We had shelves of it. Mum had an eye for how the fabric would look on someone before the creation was made. She had vision, imagination and loved people. Not everyone loved her…Artists simply do not fit into everyone’s perception of who she was. She could live with that and so can I. It dawned on me I too have a lot of stock I am my mother but with hair pieces. Some of my clients want a little more. Looking like them with a bit more say 10 years before life, hormones, illness and life took its full mane away down the sink hole. It happens!! Others want a transformation a complete change!!! An example: It’s like when you lose a bit of extra weight to fit into that dress. Some want to show a little cleavage, those of you say bring it on in!! I don’t mind the attention! Who cares what people think right!! Hang it out loud and proud. 75% preference not too much attention, just want to feel confident and comfortable. A compliment will suffice. : You are looking good? What did you do?

I want to help people who are ready to be helped. It is in my blood. The difference I have seen in my clients, some now good friends. This is what keeps me doing what I value.

A mirror to my mother’s lessons and a credit to her skills and vision.

God bless her

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