Hair Extension Horror as seen on Current Affair


Recently Chanel 9′s Current Affair showed a story on ‘Hair Extensions’.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the most delightful of stories, it was more so focused on unpleasant experiences some women have had.

If you’ve missed the story, you can find the full story On This Link.

These women have had horrible outcomes from wearing hair extensions we can break it down to a few things:

Education: More so often than not a lot of hair extensions applicants don’t have any form of professional training. We have also found that there is a high number of extensionist offering ‘back yard’ training at extremely low prices with little to no education, experience or adequate resources for learning.

Consultation: One of the biggest mistakes (as seen in the ACA story) is in incorrect application techniques that applied to clients. A consultation is vital, you need to determine what method is ideally suited to the client based on factors such as density, texture, length and health of the hair. One method WILL NOT suite everyone. Also, factors such as affordability, care and time management comes into play.

Quality Products: Research the quality of the hair extensions before applying them.

There are many trending sales on hair extensions on Facebook and Ebay, unfortunately again it is more often than not that these are ‘backyard’  businesses. Although the price may look appealing and you might hit luck from time to time with some decent quality hair, more often that not you will end up with poor quality hair, giving results as seen on they ACA story.

Do your research, test the hair! Ask questions, such as what origin, guarantees, testimonials.  Fact: Purchasing European and Russian hair at dirt cheap prices, will be too good to be true.

Prices: What you are charged for your hair extension service can vary dramatically, this again can depend on several factors such as demographic, quality of products, overheads and profit margins.  For example a salon may have higher overheads than a mobile or home business.

Our technicians are professionally qualified, we provide free consultation and use high quality approved hair extensions. So, before you decide to apply hair extensions from unknown sources, again have a look at The Current Affair Story and see what some outcomes might be.

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