Ashamed from Hair Loss? Read Olga’s Encouraging Confidential Message to help you through Hair Loss.

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Thank you for visiting my site. and I hope after reading on you will feel enough confidence to come and see me.

I would like to give you some options you can manage and be happy with.

Not having the hair you once had is upsetting and going to a salon can be traumatic and stressful.

You have come this far now we can take the next step.

If you would like a quote first, let me first email you the best options that will work for you.

Send me a daylight picture so I can see the areas you need to target.

I can give you hair which can look like you but just more of it. Or we can give you more hair and a change. For example a fringe change. A subtle colour change. First take a courageous step to actually trust we can help and make an appointment and come in. Well done! I know that step is hard. We won’t bite and all our clients are putting hair in. On top in the back. Hair everywhere. Confidence builds and before you know it you will want a few highlights or more length. Our top volumizers are great if you want to do an up do. Weddings are no longer a stress, holidays, and family photos. Important occasions and just everyday life having your hair back is possible and we like it to be a normal experience just like hair extensions they become part of you.

We don’t do hard sell or contracts, tell you to shave off your hair. Make you buy three, or sell you things you do not need.  I believe in my products and designs our quality and ongoing support.

We will consult. We listen and advise then we will try some volumizers on. Picking an origin of hair suitable for blending into your natural hair. Showing you how it works, clip in or attach. Prices and maintains if you attach. We may custom make if we do not have what you need in stock. Mostly we do have. Occasionally a custom made will be best. For example a curly Russian texture or longer than usual length.

It can be confusing all the names people call top volumizers. Here are a few, strand by strand, medi connections, interlace systems, micro dermal, what it all means in simple terms is there is a base material which has hair hand knotted into it.  The base materials vary and different materials are used. 1. For durability and natural appearance imitating scalp and partings. Various origins of hair are used. Key also for a natural blend and easy to manage.  How they are attached also varies. There are 2 categories of attaching using your natural hair to attach to the base. Or tape, glue or both.  We. Can do all methods ours is simple and it works. They look so natural. You can still colour your natural hair and trim your natural hair. If you’re not happy with your hair colour we can make changes. If you attach then if you decide you want to clip in. Not a problem and vice versa. .  Many of my clients have had minimal or no success with pills and potions some have side effects not to mention continued cost for little result.  Our testimonials and clients natural looking hair should be a nudge to give us a try.  Bring a support person if you like. You may end up getting it done on the day! You may want to think about it. Take a picture show your other half.

I have a collection of volumizers and V tops.

My hair is very fine and recession of my hairline can limit styling. I wear extensions also, with micro horizontal method. For whatever the reason your hair is diminishing my products bring it back how you want it. I design the bases for unique problems. My hair I import direct from its origin. Making sure I have several textures to suit individual needs.  I have quality control over how the workmanship is prepared and carried out. My team overseas knot my chosen hair carefully and to my standards of design implemented by me.

New in Now!

We have the new V top this works really well for fine hair or thinning hair. Not for more aggressive loss.

Clip or attach.

It will create thickness on top and the crown keeping your natural part free.  We have a YouTube coming soon.

Don’t put it off any longer come see us.  Make sure you book so we have time to go through all the different options and fitting. Everyone is unique and customising the volumizer sometimes is quick and sometimes takes longer.  But in the end it will be right for you.

Look forward to meeting you soon.

Olga, Owner of West End Hair

Send pics to or 0433480181 if you live in a different state it is possible to get one posted.

For instruction you can face time me.

Looking forward to see you take the next step.

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Ashamed from Hair Loss?

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