European, Indian, Chinese, Russian Hair Origins – Which one to choose?

Europian Hair Russia

When a sales person or hairdresser says it is European hair don’t believe it!!

I went to a hair conference last year and made a point of feeling the hair to test its origin.  My fingers are expert at origins and processes done to hair.  I asked them why does it say European on the packet, when it clearly is not! They simply said it sells better.  Then they asked how do you know? I said it is my business to know because i sell hair. Make it you business to know too.

You would not buy a fake bag and pay the same as the real deal, Or buy what you think is a real one and pay really cheap for it.

You may ask why isn’t it EUROPEAN? Ladies in Europe do not sell their hair and there is not enough hair to serve the market demand. Most Europeans color their hair anyway don’t grow it to cut it off to sell. It just doesn’t happen there these days. So where does the hair come from? Mostly China and India these countries have lots of people willing to sell their hair and it is all black and has to be processed to get to westerners range of colors.

Russia sells the best hair in my opinion, especially for top volumizers. They also have a huge population with ladies willing to sell their hair. Picture Russian ladies they have all shades from dark to light their hair comes in all textures straight, wavy, curl but the textures and weight fall, the movement of the hair is the same as westerners hair. I buy this hair and sort through by hand. It gives me a range of textures i can match to my clients own hair. The blends are amazing.

I also use South American virgin hair it is compatible with clients who have Italian, Greek, Turkish  or middle Eastern decent. As the natural colors of South American hair are beautiful nut browns and brunettes. Both the South American and Russian can be custom colored.

That being said i have Indian top volumizers which are much less expensive and are compatible with some clients hair. The hair is temple hair (cut in the temples) it is not virgin and has been processed and has a slight wave.

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